Sunday, August 28, 2011

On happiness...

Life is literally what you make of it. People need to make the choice to be happy. With or without the cards they were given. It's an outlook, not something you can touch with your fingers. It's finding one small thing after another that makes you appreciate waking up every morning. It's not taking the fact that the sun will rise the next day for granted or overlooking the beauty around you. It's figuring out how to be passionate about living!

'Tis the day... Rejoice and be glad.

(The image above is of a lady in Jalisco, Mexico doing laundary.  
She and her two beautiful daughters didn't have running water, 
floors, windows or a front door. Her transportation = donkey. 
She was the happiest and kindest lady. You could tell she 
appreciated her life and the people in it. )