Sunday, August 9, 2009


inspire, encourage and be honest with the people in your life. help them understand themselves precisely so they can be the person they want to become. infuse them with love and confidence.

don't allow their potential to go to waste.

eventually you will become the people you surround yourself with too. choose wisely.

much love,


Friday, August 7, 2009

Bienvenido . 歓迎 . Välkommen . مرحبا . Bienvenue

in this blog i plan to discuss the struggles and successes that cross my path on the journey to artistic self realization. i will write frequently as long as i am inspired.

a thing or so about me:

my day to day name is nicole cooper. in the recent month my brain has brought to my attention that my birth name is too common. i have decided to attach my professional identity and talents to the name 'kajsa blix' pronounced kai-suh blicks.
i chose this name because it is easily internet searachable and comes from the swedish quarter of my DNA that i identify with. kajsa is short for the name katherine who was known for being tortured but also known as a symbol of purity -and blix which means joy or cheer.

i currently reside in the city of los angeles where i find it quite impossible to find a true friend and a loving lifestyle. at the same time i take it as a challenge to change people's thought patterns as well as my own. i look to find the best in what i consider a lousy situation. i love being alive.

people know me as a photographer. i enjoy glorifying a city that forces upon me heart ache, longing and emptiness. i love to capture the most marvelous masterpiece and depict it as something worthless and unsightly as well as the opposite. hence, my work.

i am taking this opportunity to open my life up to the world and see what it has to throw my way in return.

thank you for reading.

be back soon.

- Kajsa