Saturday, August 25, 2012

Heck yes! Two thumbs up!!!

Ma-ma, Pa-pa, Christian and Anna with the mandatory funny party hats!
The last few days in Gothenburg were nothing short of spectacular! "Ma-ma" decided we *must* have a crayfish party, kräftskiva, before I leave since it is that time of year! So an unheard of Wednesday night would do the trick! I think the photos speak for themselves, so that I'll let them do.

There was another plate and other goodies too! Heineken is a must too!

Puss puss! (Kiss kiss)

Crayfish is one of his favorite foods.

Ha! I love candid photos! Ma-ma is so cute!

Thursday "Ma-ma" brought in her home made glogg a Swedish drink they have around Christmas time with peeled almonds and raisins.  Afterall we needed to be prepared to see Veronica Maggio at the Liseberg!  This was a wind "cold" day and glogg was perfect! We missed Veronica, but who cared! It was my last night in town anyway and my "sister" had school in the morning.   (I didn't get a photo of the glogg, sorry.

Here's a photo of jacket shopping instead. I must prepare for colder weather!
Notice there are bathing suits in the background? I guess I'm a California girl after all.
Everyone else still thinks it's pretty warm while I'm buying winter coats.

WELL!!.... Friday was incredible!

The goal today was to find my way out of Gothenburg and somehow end up in Oslo.  I spent the whole night packing and cleaning my cottage.  Just when I thought I was going to be able to fall asleep I realized that my "momma" would be waking up soon for work and I hadn't said "bye".  I popped out of bed and made my last pot of delish "Fagerlund" coffee.  We had a small good-bye fika and nailed out the plans of taking a buss to North-Western Sweden.  From there hitch hiking should have been much easier since it's out of Gothenburg central and a lot of Norwegians go there to buy food and liquor since it's much cheaper in Sweden.

We finished our fika, I showered and through on my old acquaintance the backpack....  Hmmm, Wally. Yes, Wally.  My travel companion should have a name right?

So off we went!  I had planned on taking the buss right around the corner.  Instead, I got a ride from "pa-pa" to the central station.  We had one last cup of (terrible) coffee and I jumped on my buss.  A-las!, Sleepy time! I found the last row of seats in the back of the buss since this one had *three* and Wally and I cuddled the whole way to  Strömstad.

I made sure to wear the fake wedding ring for hitch hiking.

I woke up a bit groggy and confused.  I wasn't sure which way was north or where the freeway was, or where the "toilet" was. I was ready to conquer this day and my fears! I picked up 50lb Wally and headed.... that way.  I figured if I found wifi I could use my phone for a map and figure out where I needed to go. I walked a few hilly blocks and made a left. Yes! A Pressbyan another two blocks down! They always have free wifi! With the help of that and road signs I know new where I was going.  Now, to find a toilet. Sheesh! With Wally it was going to be hard/akward. Just as I was thinking that I looked over my shoulder and there were two ladies heading toward the restroom. I was going to wait for them to come out so it would be free but they couldn't figure out how to get in.  Fem (5) Kronor it was. Naturally I let the older ladies go first. Then I got inside and there was no place to hang Wally.  I guess this means he's not coming off my back.  That was interesting! I'm glad I have mega viking muscles in my legs!

So, off to the freeway *I guess*.  It was so beautiful in Strömstad! There was no rain (thank goodness) only cloudy blue skies, birds, sun and an amazing little fishing town.  I really wish I could have found a babysitter for Wally.  23 kilo is a lot to carry around. Plus, I needed to find a ride before the sun went down.  Off I go!

On the walk to the freeway

I walked a bit then decided to make my sign, attach it to the back of my bag and keep walking.  It was quite hot considering.  So I went to a gas station to buy a map of Norway in case some freak accident happened.  There I sat for a bit with my sign since there was quite a lot of traffic. It seemed like a bad spot after all. Okay, freeway on ramp I go. There an older lady stops me to tell me there is a ferry that will take me to Tonsberg.  The second best destination for only 100 kronor.   Nope! I'm determined!

My first hitch hiking sign!
I continue walking uphill and parallel to the freeway in the direction I want to go.  After walking half a mile or so I find this cute Norwegian girl on a bicycle. I asked her if I was going in the right direction.  She seemed a bit confused but answered, yes, go straight in Norwegian. (I could tell by her body language.)  Then she saw the sign on my backpack and tried once again, a bit harder to give directions. I asked about how far.  She said "not too far about 20 minutes. 20 mins with a big bulky backpack, uphill on a super sunny and quite warm - beautiful day! By this point I was already starting to feel slightly fatigued and I wasn't sure what would happen once I picked up the first ride. I was determined! So, off I go again.  I continued maybe 100 yards before a motorcycle stops.  He looks at me wondering what I'm doing so I stick out my thumb.  He then pulls closer.  He seemed genuinely worried that I needed a ride.  The thing is: I have Wally!! I ask him if he thinks he can fit in on the bike. It seemed impossible.  He seemed to think it was possible.  Then he asked how much it weighed.  50 lbs, about 23 kilo.  Well, that might be too much he replied let down that he couldn't help.  Just another 20 ft there was a van with a guy eating pizza stopped in this little driveway.  The guy approaches that guy next thing I know I have a ride!  The guy on the bike is happy, i'm happy and the guy eating pizza is going to Oslo right now and has to be there by 5pm for school.  How perfect!

My ride was amazing! We talked about Sweden, Norway, the US, food, nature, geography hockey and economics. Since we made good time he was going to drop me off at my destination.... where ever that was! We get into the middle of town where he thinks i'm going.  He asks directions with no luck on where I'm actually supposed to be.  Not even with the help of another girl's iphone. So, he needs to get to school and I don't want to keep him.

Anna requested I grab a photo of him for her curiosity.

I jump out of the van, rearrange my junk and turn the corner. There: is a guy who looks EXACTLY like the person who's place I'm supposed to stay in.  I think to myself, "self: this is too good to be true!" I let my shyness take over and I decide to find wifi so I can call him. A block away I find wifi.  Yes, OF COURSE that was him! I go back and join him and his two friends for a beer and that is how my ride from Gothenburg to Oslo ended. How incredible, RIGHT?! Stay tuned! More to come from Norway soon!

This is where they were walking to when I saw them.  I liked this sign a lot! "They've got... thirsty hitchhikers!"


  1. Gal! You will go far I'm sure if you continue like this! This post is amazing (except for the you-know-what.. bitch)! Thanks for the photo of the guy hahaha I have a new request - a photo of every yummer u meet in Norway, this is gonna be interesting;)hehe. The family says Hej!
    Puss puss

    Ps: Give wally's fat ass a kiss from me<3

  2. Haha!! Sure thing! Wally loves kisses! Wait!! What about all the ladies Wally gets? ;)

  3. Oooh soo wally has girlfriends - I say!! well then I whant pics of them to ofc!;)<3