Monday, August 27, 2012

Better than a Rollercoaster!

Sheesh!  This weekend was crazy! Friday was great! (That was my hitchhiking day when everything went super smoothly!)

After meeting up for a beer we went to my new home and cleaned things up a bit.  Me and my new host were expecting two random German girls last minute.  We finished that and I checked in with Gothenburg and LA to let my mommas know I was ok, and obviously, wrote my last post.  You'd think these things go fast but they're actually quite time consuming.  By then the girls were just about to arrive.  They brushed their teeth, crashed, woke up the next morning and split. The next day we went for breakfast at this cool local diner with a neighbor.  It was nice and relaxing.  Plus! They had a "pissior".  I guess I forgot to mention that the bathroom at the place I was staying at was being remodeled.  I was aware of that when I signed up.....

Fast forwarding on: I had a relaxed day and caught up on my sleep then we were supposed to go to a free Manu Chao concert.  That didn't happen because I went to central station by myself then felt very weird as a solo white girl and I had just finished exchanging my cash to NOK.  So, I decided after 30 minutes of walking around looking for wifi to call my host that I would walk back home. I got lost twice. Once in one direction, then I somehow skipped over where I was supposed to be and ended up too far the other direction.  I found myself in this beautiful, steep, hilly, green, flowery park. I climbed to the top where they had a little cafe.  It was there that a random gentleman called Paul asked me for directions. After explaining that I didn't speak Norwegian he explained that he was going to a free concert that *wasn't* the Manu Chao concert.  I asked if it would be rude if I followed, he said no and off we went!

This concert was in the middle of a community botanical garden where they had freshly picked and squeezed apple juice, soup made from homegrown ingredients, organic "green" coffee, a compost and the bathroom as a pile of dirt.  So, Paul's friends were to play in a hot air balloon and the theme of the concert was "love in the air".  It was SO COOL!

He was a lot of fun!
The making of the soup..

Who thought of that?!  Great idea! (Once they got it figured out.)
Sunday morning was rad too! My host had a date with this sweet girl in the morning.  They came home later, cooked some delish food and practiced their swing. I mean!!!... COME ON!  Who does that?!!  I loved every minute of watching them dance in the living room.  

I can tell she is very incredible.

Sunday night I was supposed to leave Oslo and go dog sit for this random lady on CouchSurfing. Some thing about the way she invited me, or that she didn't use the "CouchRequest" even after I mentioned it, or that she said she was too busy to pick me up from the buss stop after I explained that I had Wally the 50lb backpack with me, or that I missed the buss and she said it was "too late" for her to pick me up, or, or, or...... SOME THING didn't seem right!  I guess when you travel YOU MUST listen to your gut.  I don't know if "she" is up to something weird, like turning little girls into soup or if she is just weird.  After sitting at the bus stop for 2 hours waiting for the next bus I decided I wasn't going to get on it.  Why did she want me to walk all the way to her house, not once but twice? Again, CSers don't act like that in general.  Maybe I'm paranoid but I rather be smart then soup!

It was now 1:00 am, dark and I had been told some weird things about being out at night.  I guess it's like that in any city though.  I saw three girls camping out in the station.  I decided to break the ice by offering them a cigarette which is like GOLD here. $1.00 a cigarette, basically.  We played cards for hours since the security guards wouldn't let us sleep. Let me tell you; they are ON TOP OF THINGS!  I'm sure you can imagine a place like a small terminal that is open all night for one bus. They knew where everyone was and exactly what they were doing. The guards would let everyone else sleep but as soon as the last one (me) tried to go to sleep they would come tell us to sit up. I guess it was for our own good.

This is a very smelly me + wally in the bathroom. Cute eh? - Yes mommie! When I grow up I want to be a bum! 
6 am rolled around, I still hadn't slept. I had no plan, nowhere to go and I hadn't showered in three days. I told myself if I find a hostel I may check in to find friends, a shower, a place to sleep and some comfort. Of course that's what happened.

So here I am! I'm very happy to be clean, safe and alive but emotionally and physically DRAINED!  I kinda feel like "I want my mommie" right now. Ugh!

... at the Hostel using their internet.

I may have a place in T√łnsberg tomorrow.  We'll see where the wind blows, who knows!

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