Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No(r) way! You've got to be kidding me!

Whew!  What a relief! I ended up staying in the hostel in Oslo one more night to I could relax, shower again, calm down a little and hang out with some travelers. 

The funny thing about Oslo is there are so many people trying to immigrate.  It must be very hard trying to move to a country that is SO EXPENSIVE! The US dollar is alright compared to NOK but everything is expensive even in NOK.  I personally picked up the vibe about being very conscience about what you spend your money on there.  Maybe it was just me though. 

Anyhow, there were a couple cool people living at the hostel while looking for jobs and housing. None of them seemed to know exactly how they ended up there but were determined to make things work out. I tip my hat to them!

Beside that there isn't much else to say. Here are some photos from my last couple days in Oslo.

A normal sandwich in Oslo and house roasted coffee.  My absolute favorite place in town, "Gründerløkka".
Come here kitty, kitty! - I was later told that this is the square you used to go to get drugs.  Good one!

I *had* to visit the Opera house! So what if it was 4 am!
Sunrise on the Opera House roof with a cool German and this Seagull we called "Paul".

After watching the sun come up I went to sleep and shower.  Then, off to Gründerløkka one more time for a $26 sandwich and coffee from another planet! ... and the train to Tønsberg! Woohooo! 

I was very excited to visit Tønsberg. Looking at the map it seemed to be a little fishing type town right along the coast which happens to also be the oldest town in Norway. A sweet change from Oslo. Hehe! 

These are from Tønsberg:

Hehe! "Farts" Hehe!

My new, cool, cozy residence! :)
Adventure I: 
The second day/night we went skating and biking with Clara, the "nanny dog".

It's that-a-way!  ^, >  I had never actually seen one of these.

Adventure II:

Chanel art exhibition about northern women at Verdens Ende
It's a bird! It's a plane! ... It's a flying banana.
Drinking viking juice,  (Mjød, made from honey) at sunset at Verdens ende (the world's end).
Golden Holga @ Verdens ende! - Thinking of my brother Timmy!
How did I not know this was a BLUE moon at the time?!
Pretty freaking spectacular considering!!!
No one else was even shooting this. I feel blessed and astonished!
Adventure III:
Tonsberg Festning (fortress)!  It was built in 871 and resisted attacks from the Danish and 1,000 Norwegian soldiers. Neat-o!
It was quite windy. Good experience!
Opening the door to the Fortress' church!
Grass roofs! Nice! - It's still a restaurant in the summer time. I missed it! :/

I decided to paint some one else's sketch.  This is the first layer. We'll see what it looks like when it's done.
Yum yum, cheesecake! - From Jordbærpikene cafe (the strawberry girl)

So I guess you guys can see I've been relaxing and enjoying the nature here in Tønsberg. I quite enjoy it here. I guess I will be staying another seven days to spread some love and laughter.  :)

Then I should be off to Bergen, Norway.....

 For now I'm off to the marina via bicycle!

Oh yeah!! I almost forgot to give a shout out to all the hits on my site from Russia via some twisted "adult social network". I'm not sure how a link ended up there. I'm slightly disgusted and not available. Hah!

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