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Borrrrnnn in the U. K? ...A?

I left off with my hitchhiking journey from Belgium to London, yeah?

        Yeah.  So I jumped off the last bus and there was my new host who I was going to meet in Oslo months before.  We never met there but we did stay in contact.  It was kind of strange because I felt like I knew him even though I never met him.  I was so stoked to see his face!  I imagined him as a fiery, funny, witty and creative kind.  I wasn't too far off...  I don't think.  It was now almost 5 am in the middle of no where and I was beyond exhausted.  I dropped my backpack and crashed out.  He was sweet enough to let me stay in his bed and he took the couch.

Pozole: a mexican soup made with pork,
ancho chilis, hominy topped with onion,
cilantro, lettuce and a side of tortillas.

       The next day we chowed down on the soup I had been   racing to England for.  The sweet gesture was beyond delicious and reminded me so much of home.

I also had my first cuppa!  :)

       A couple days later he and I went out with some of his friends for a Friday out in London. We ended up at  "Big Chill House" at Kings Cross.  It was a night of dancing, madness and great times over all!  Without elaborating too much here's some evidence:

The blood came out....

       That Sunday we went for carvery which is basically like our Thanksgiving in the states.... except some do it every Sunday.  :p

Meet Johnny, the carvery master and chef genius!
Let's see... there's mash, bangers, yorkshire pudding, peas, roast, turkey, ham, cauliflower, parsnips, carrots, roasted onion, horseradish sauce, gravy, unknown sauce #1... can you spy anything else? 
       Here are some other photos to help you guess what we were up to:

These were  a great idea but with no ice & enough tequila to kill a goat they were better to look at... I'll take the blame. 
Meet Willay..... The neighbor from the next farm....  Can some one please explain what he's doing?

    The next two weeks were a bit of a blur.  I was tired and confused about my next move.  Was I supposed to spend the next 6 months in the UK and work?  Thanksgiving was just around the corner and I was really beginning to miss home.  Living expenses were quite a lot there and it was colder than I was used to.  I didn't have a plan of where to go next or what to do.  I felt lost and empty.  I couldn't go back to the Schengan union (basically the rest of Europe) yet because my visa needed 90 days to renew.   I spent a lot of time in my room contemplating what to do, thus: 

My yarn projects....... 

       I left my first scarf in a car along with my sunglasses while I was hitchhiking.  Rule #1 of hitchhiking: Always make sure you have EVERY THING before you leave the car!

       So, after a few attempts on my first scarf ever I was finally ready to bust the whole thing out.  I think I finished it in three days.  I also finally made something out of my Norwegian 1 kronor coins.  I thought it was going to end up as a necklace but I was wrong.  I left one in Cologne on the bridge with the love locks and made the other four into the creation above.

       I also started going on daily jogs again to get my blood pumping so I could have a good night's sleep instead of staying up with insomnia every night for no plausible reason.

I think this is part of Willay's farm.  I later found out he was literally the next farm over on the other side of the road. 
My hi vis ultra warm running jacket, thermals/running pants from my friend in Norway and snow reflectors from my "momma" in Sweden.  That should make sure I don't get run over at dusk in England's farm land!
It was just gorgeous at night!  - Day 3

       After a week or so of contemplating and Skyping my mom on Thanksgiving, only to find her crying. I booked my ticket home for a month later so I wouldn't miss Christmas with my mother.  December 12th would be the day.  I would also be able to go home, get my wisdom teeth pulled while I still had insurance, spend some time with my friends for my birthday, get my business going, renew my driver's license and reflect on my journey.  That was the thought anyway.

       A few days later I was supposed to move locations and stay with a CouchSurfer in London.  Instead I got invited to go to the country/island of Jersey just off the coast of France for the weekend.  Why wouldn't I go, right??!!  Yah, so we booked the flight and off we went!

Bye bye Southend Airport.......
Heeeelloooo Jersey!!
Steering wheel on the right, of course.
First stop the War Tunnels.

       The island of Jersey was occupied by the Germans from July 1940 to May 8th 1945.  The exhibit was definitely interesting.   It pointed out how strange life must have been on Jersey during this time.  Here a three second run down:

    -  Food shortages.

    -  New strange laws passed every day, each equally ridiculous.

    -  No confronting the Germans even though they were living on the island.

    -  Smuggling food from France with the chance of being caught.

-  Telephone calls were rationed to save electricity.

       After those 5 years of terror the UK finally got their island and their people back.

Johnny's 7 quid parking job kiss on the wall @ Stop #2

Willay, Johnny and..... ? 
........Vin Diesel!    I just loved him in XXX. 
It was just fabulous! Blue waters, not too cold and great company!
I believe this is looking toward France.
My best boy band pose at La Corbiere lighthouse
A fresh seafood joint that must've closed down 5 minutes before we got there.
They were nice enough to made a hot cuppa' to go though.  :)
We tried one more place for seafood.
...and found it!  We were really looking for prepared meals though.  Haha!!

         We combed the streets for 20 minutes trying to find the hotel room. Some thing about the sign "turn and yield" kept throwing us for a loop.  Eventually we dropped all of our stuff off.  I took a "disco nap" in the room since I only had 45 minutes of sleep the night before and we were off!!

        I think Jersey knew the "A team" was out that night! While walking into town there was some punk kid.  All I saw was the cop and his knuckles make contact with the cop. They just threw him into the back of their station wagon, let him settle down and read him his rights.  WELCOME TO JERSEY!!

        We continued down the block, got cash from the ATM and headed to our destination. Long story short it was another successful night on the town.  Everyone had a FANTASTIC time and no one got hurt.

      On the walk home we made friends with two nice Polish boys who worked at a pizza place. 

      The next thing I knew, Johnny and I were swimming like champs in the English Channel.  That was fun..... and that's how the night ended.  One dip in the channel to make the trip epic and we all went back to our rooms and passed out! 

      More to come soon!

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