Friday, June 29, 2012

Things are flying together!

Today was another huge day!! I have been in interaction with a few more CouchSurfers talking about a cross country trip for a couple weeks now.  Today we met at a cafe and chatted about it. So......! Here's what's gonna happen. I'm departing LA on Friday July 13th to do a cross country trip. It seems like the CouchSurfers have the same plan as me. That is; to get from LA to the east coast. We're all open on where we stop, where we sleep, camping, winging it and having a great time along the way.  I am yet again VERY EXCITED!  I now have a departure date!!! Lucky Friday the 13th!

Before I leave I feel it's necessary to go see my cousins in the Sacramento area. As well as my long lost, amazing brother and nieces I've never met in Oregon! With that being said I guess I'm leaving the LA area on Tuesday to go visit the fam. While I'm gone I need to wrap up my work visa, travel insurance, some other paperwork and buy the necessary supplies including: a tent, a new backpack and a faux wedding ring to match the one on my right ring finger.

Yikes! It's all pulling together so QUICKLY!     :D

I write this as I drink a vintage bottle of my favorite kind of wine, the Shiraz.  Compliments, and of course, with the permission, of the person I'm house sitting for. Bummer!! This whole "homeless" thing sucks! Haha! Cheers! Soon I'll be drinking Shiraz in it's homeland while working on a farm!

Nighty night amazing, beautiful, big world.  Positive vibes to all y'all.

- Nicole 

Me: Jumping for joy and enjoying God's beautifully crafted canvas in Santa Barbara, CA.

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