Monday, July 2, 2012

Sactown, Oregon and back down!

Things are moving right along. The plans to go see both my cousins and my brother are locked in! I'm headed to Sacramento for a few days then off to Oregon. I'm so excited to meet my gorgeous nieces, see my brother for the first time in about 14 years, meet his lovely lady, spend fourth of July by a river with my cousins and play with the rugrats before they're all grown up!

This independence day will be one I won't forget, as it is a celebration of my independence and a farewell celebration from my homeland.

It's been hard to try to divide my time and hang out with everyone one last time before my departure.  There are many people that I haven't had the chance to see yet. My time is becoming more and more limited. Last night I officially said "bye" to two of my closest friends who are flying to the midwest. The thought of not seeing them in a very long time saddens me. A few tears were shed. But!.. I have an awesome new hammock to relax in an think about how awesome they are on my trip! All I need to do now is get to a place with palm trees so it will be warm enough to use it!


Above one of my cousin's emu. He and his mom saved some eggs from being destroyed and rotated them every 6 or 8 hours in an incubator for weeks on end. They're such intriguing, wacky animals. 

I'm doing my best to wrap things up here in the states and be as prepared as possible. Saturday morning I bought a youth pass through for $28. That's supposed to save me a ton of money on flights, hostels etc.. Hopefully it will come in handy.

Yesterday I finished house sitting and said bye to my temporary doggie. He's a smart dog and seemed pretty bummed that was I leaving.  We had become good friends.

I've been trying to narrow down my possessions. When I repacked all my stuff I went from backpack and two small suitcases down to a backpack and one small suitcase.  It's progress and I think this is a good way to take what I'll actually NEED and not everything I want to take. It will be weird only having ONE bag and nothing else. 

Make yours @ 
 These  are a couple maps to help describe how BIG this trip is going to be for me. Obviously, the places I've been are in pink. On the larger scale of things, I really HAVEN'T traveled! I can only imagine how much I will learn while I am gone and what a different perspective I will have.

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