Friday, July 13, 2012

A journey to see "The Angels"

Oregon was incredible! I was delighted to leave around 6 pm.  This way, unknowingly I would have the opportunity to pass by the magnificent mass of formed dirt they call Mount Shasta at DAWN! Ugh, the beauty is indescribable!



 This is a 360 view just past the marker for the Oregon trail.

Yes, those are camera straps! Film shots are coming soon.

After being in the sun all day I was completely exhausted.  I felt like sleeping as soon as I got in the car but the views kept me entertained and awake.

I landed in Sacramento around 1:30 am.

When I woke up it was 108 degrees outside! Mr. Pigglesworth was not having it. Piggie pool round two was necessary!  This time Emu-head decided he was going to join in.

After this, we scooped up all the cousins in Sacramento and spent a few hours at the river in Columa. Columa is big for it's GOLD and METEORITE! Yep, meteorite, dust that fell from a meteor when it crashed into the earth many miles away a just few months earlier.  Pretty cool, right?

The last surprise from this trip is that cousin Alisa would be joining my on my travels back to LA.  We packed the car said our goodbyes and left Sacramento around 9 pm.  This would put us back in LA around 3 am, except there was construction the whole way home.  We didn't arrive until 4 am.  I slept about three hours.  I was so happy to be back "home" on the couch at my friends' house. I couldn't wait to say good morning and start getting everything ready for an 11 am departure to begin my cross country/around the world trip the next day!

 My first task of the day would be to repack my three suitcases into one, small, lightweight backpack. (Thanks for your help cousin! You helped me keep my focus and I appreciated it.)  Second errand, to take Alisa and pick my mom up from the mechanic so mom can help me move my cars to her house for semi-permanent storage!

My mom and her second cousin, Alisa hadn't seen each other in almost 20 years! That's nuts!  So, I didn't tell my mom Alisa would be joining me. This way I could see the look on her face!  As my mom was introducing me to her mechanic, I said, "hi George. Nice to meet you.  This is my friend Alisa." I guess my mom didn't even see anyone else in the car.  My mom stooped into the car, her reaction was a little late because she had to realize it wasn't just my friend but her long lost cousin.  As soon as that clicked in her brain her mouth immediately dropped wide open and it was all hugs. Yes!! I did my part!

The three of us spent the rest of the day running my lame errands.  Going to the bank, buying one more ring to fake people into thinking I'm married while I'm on the road, picking my bike up and delivering it to a friend's house so they can use it while i'm gone and junk like that.

All and all a very successful two days!  Awesome times!

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