Friday, July 27, 2012

The Big Apple

So much has happened that I'm just now stopping to breathe!

A beautiful Manhattan space and cool gifts in process!
I left off where I was leaving for a cross country trip the next day....  That got canceled.  I felt like the timing was off and the group of people weren't the people I wanted to be stuck on the road with for a week.  Instead I ended up wrapping up a few more things in LA, barbequing and enjoying some close friends' company before catching a flight to New York.

New York was an absolute blast! I ended up arriving around 5 am.  I jumped off the plane with my 45lb backpack and found my way around the city to Manhattan where an old friend now lives.

Apparently on Sunday the elevator doesn't work in his building so I carried my backpack up 8 flights of stairs. That was awesome! I did it with no hesitation.  It's kind of ironic because I think the last thing I said to my mom was, "Bye mom. I'm going to go get some calves now." referring to carrying my backpack around the world and all the muscle I would be gaining.

The highline, Manhattan, NYC

We had breakfast then decided we were going to walk from 26th St & 11th Ave all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge and take a nap in the grass on the other side. I guess it was only about 5 miles but after climbing 8 flights of stairs and the humidity it seemed like forever. It was a gorgeous day to make one of my dreams come true in New York.
Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

We took about three hours rest/nap in the grass in Brooklyn then caught the subway back to the Manhattan  From there we packed our things to go stay by Far Rockaway on the 7th floor by the beach.  I passed out as if I had been tranquilized.

The next morning we woke up around 8 am then I headed back to Manhattan solo. I ended up jumping off the subway a couple stops too soon which worked to my advantage.  I found a quaint coffee shop and grabbed a pastry in Greenwich Place then walked down to the beach.  There I rested for a bit and watched all the weird/fit people jogging by.  HA ha!

I ran some errands then grabbed my backpack.  I was now ready to head to the airport.  This time the elevator guy was there! Thank goodness! I walked back to the Penn Station which was about 10 block give or take.  This day was EXTREMELY humid to a LA native. By the time I reached the subway I was not only dripping sweat, it was like the flood gates had opened and I was showering everything in my path.  I felt bad for the pregnant lady I gave my seat to. It wasn't until she looked up a little confused why it was raining that I realized how sweaty I really was.  (I'm sure I have disgusted you all now.)

New York City, I am now in love you too!
Not the best food shot, but this NY pastry was delish!

Here are 10 reasons why:
1. The subway
2. People outside being friendly and active
3. Awesome parks, each with a different purpose
4. The highline in Manhattan.
5. A plethora of history and cobblestone streets
6. The gateway to America's art/fashion culture
7. Bodies of water all around you
8. Many people from around the world visiting
9. COFFEE! The way it should be!
10. Famous pizza and pastries

I found my way to the airport just fine.

Now: NYC -> Berlin -> Gothenburg, Sweden

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