Sunday, August 19, 2012

To infinity and BEYOND!

My stay in Sweden has been nothing short of incredible!  I have met amazing, diligent, beautiful, open minded, super sweet and caring people here. It took me three whole weeks to find someone who I couldn't get along with in some fashion. I snorkeled with jellyfish, took a "bath" in the harbor in the middle of the night when the clouds are still visible, jogged and swam at Kåsjön fresh water reserve, picked raspberries, boated to the granite islands, rock hopped, danced into the morning, enjoyed a fresh cup of Swedish coffee and mowed a GRAND lawn. I ate: messmör, semla, Swedish meatballs, herbs and vegetables from the garden, lingdon berry, a typical Swedish sandwich, home made kladdkaka and I plan to eat the very seasonally traditional crawfish. I have learned a few cute Swedish inside joke type words, have many stories and a collection of new MUSIC! 

Now I must continue on. School is about to start for my sidekick and "mom-ma" is already back to work. 

It looks like the next step is going to be NORWAY! How? Well, that's the beauty of the next chapter of my journey. I now have one MONTH to get 8 hours away to Stockholm.  The strategy is to plan to leave Gothenburg on Friday August 24th.  Maybe there or before I can find a ride north-ish with out hitch hiking. I have spent WAY too much money here so to buy a bus ride sounds a bit lame when I have so much time to get to the next place. (I have a feeling this is where I learn patience.) I do have a tent and a sleeping bag.  If need be; I will check into my portable tent motel in the forest and use my Swedish "right to roam".  This chapter will be a good one.  I'm sure I will learn a lot.  Part of this chapter will be cutting shampoo out of my routine. After a bit of research I don't think it's necessary.  No, my hair shouldn't be greasy or dirty after a few week adjustment period. This shall be a fun experiment for me! More about that to come later....

So, YES!.. back to the plan. I now have an adventure starting October 1st from Stockholm to Germany with a fellow CouchSurfer.  We're going to do.... something..... for a few days while we get from point A to B. Then, it just so happens that there's this small thing going on... maybe you've heard of it? Oktoberfest?  Nej, I didn't think so.  Well it's supposed to be a good time.  I figured since we'll be in the neighborhood we should check it out.  So that's the agenda so far.  No plans after that, yet.  This chapter is about "one day at a time".

I'm stoked to leave Gothenburg, only because it means I get to experience Norway and the "north".  I want to meet a REAL northern Swede that makes this noise by sucking in air to acknowledge the word "yes".   And yes, there are Eskimos there.  They do kiss with their noses and live in block houses! I CAN'T wait!  

Yeah....... so that's the "plan"! Rad! :) 

I have a new hobby: trying to edit videos when I have no clue how.  Those awesome clips of "living" will be done... some time.  Ah haha!

One more thought!: Please write me a comment with some feedback.  Maybe explain how much this info sucks! Thank you. 

Here are some photos in Gothenburg from my little Hero...   
The real Ikea meatballs!

A special holiday pastry called "Semla" - It was made especially for me!

Chowing down some Semla! - Yum yummers!
Home made kladdkaka. a delish choc cake! - Also my special treat! - Sorry it's so dark.

The "Lion Stairs" on a gorgeous summer night. 4:00 am? Notice it's still light out?
Lion Stairs during the day!

Clouds? Yes, this is cloud heaven!
Ahhh..... it was another gorgeous day! Sunbathing was a must!
My new Norwegian friend!
Crazy, cute Swedes - "brother" and "sister"
Yep, another friend! Sweet pillows too, eh?
Uh oh! That's my "up to no good" face.
So..... What you're saying is, "you've never ridden a frog"?
This is how they greet the sun every morning!
World culture fair
World culture festival
Do you see the guy painting? - This is pretty typical in mid-summer.
Each mailbox has the family name.  So cute! 
The REAL photos will be coming soon!

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