Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ephiphany no. 1,307

I thought about whether I really want to post this or not.  I guess I do.  Usually I would stay classy and just think this but not share it so publicly.  I feel like that's exactly the opposite of what this post is about.  So here she goes....

The best part about all of this (traveling) is:  I can do what ever I want! There is no political BS in my life any longer.  If I don't want to listen to the words coming out of someone's mouth; I no longer have to. I can just walk away.  If I want to tell someone to take a hike; that is simply what I'll do.  Moving from city to city gives me such great happiness, freedom and bravery. Not to mention; new amazing friends.

A big thanks to the A-holes! Thanks for allowing me to appreciate such a great God given right in FULL spectrum. Thanks for your arrogance, lack of self reflection and using your power like Darth Vader.  It has brought unto me such great joy and I will NOT join the dark side! Instead I shall rise above.

Enjoying the morning sun with one of my new MOST favorite people (after a ride in the park on a frog and a chicken)!

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