Friday, August 10, 2012

Young, Wild and Free!

Anna and I headed back to the house by Gothenburg.  The next day I toured the town  with a sweet, local CouchSurfer.  We hiked to the highest point of Gothenburg.  (Naturally I didn't have a camera.) Then took a walk by the harbor and later had home made pancakes.  It was a delightful experience coming from the US.

This is one of the HUGE cranes they used during the industrial revolution to build boats with.  I believe it's the only one that still stands since all the boats are now being made in China.  They tore down everything since. This and a couple old buildings  as a reminder of the era. They also have monuments and literature about the history that took place on this side of town.  It was quite fascinating if you ask me.  Maybe that's because of my blood... I'm not sure.

We decided to go out dancing the next night. I guess anyone that knows me know I don't really care to dance.... usually.  This night was different.  It just came naturally.  I was so amped that I was in Sweden, with my cousin and determined to have the time of my life.  It also didn't hurt that they have a blackjack table in most of the clubs. This allowed me to win enough money for Anna and I to have fun that night for free! We danced our pants off as if tomorrow were the end of the Mayan Calendar!

Enjoying some art sculptures in the park... Haha! Truly a great photo of us!

Without going into the details; I ended up taking a "bath" in the harbor down the street that night. The water was calm and again, the perfect temperature.  I floated around a bit on my back and stared at the clouds as I thought to myself, "Self, is this really your life?". Then I thought, "Self, who has it better than us? NO BODY."  

I think no one bothered me while I was swimming because: In Sweden they have a law that you CAN camp, swim or hike basically anywhere. (If it's someone's property you usually ask permission but there is no "trespassing".) I think this makes the people open to living and to letting others live.  Not even the person snoozing on the next sailboat over in a sleeping bag said anything.  I think this was my favorite element when I was reading about Sweden before I came.

We jumped off the higher part of the dock and used the rope on the dingy of that fancy sail boat in the photo to get out of the harbor.  Thanks rich Swede for sharing your boat!  We thoroughly enjoyed it!

The following day Anna and I went back to the summer house to get some work done.  Compared to the normal American, they DON'T stop here! It's clean, eat, laundry, vacuum, mow the lawn, take out the recycle, go shopping, built a BBQ, cook, eat, sleep, coffee, dance, sing, swim, pack, fish ... or whatever! There is no "down time". I love that.   (I must admit that we were also on a mission to get back to the other house ASAP for more good times!)

I felt like a hobbit mowing the shire.  It must have taken me about two or three hours to mow. This is about 1/3 of their lawn! Look at the shape, and dip of that thing! Imagine how thick the grass must be! Ugh, it was an amazing experience.  They do this every two or three weeks like cutting a piece of cheese. Yes, that is the ocean and a small island in the distance.

After mowing the lawn it was time for a super tasty dinner similar to a Shepard's pie but, actually better, because it didn't have so many carbs.

Then....! a late(r) night boating trip!  We started at 6 pm while it was still VERY much daylight! I'm not exactly sure how it happened but I rode on the FRONT of the boat. There is a small compartment with rope and rails to grab onto the boat as you're jumping on board. That would be what I sat on!

Who needs a JetSki when you can just do this?! It was SOOO much fun! ...and here is my first official YouTube post. I just taught myself how to edit in two days! I'm pretty stoked about it!

More posts coming soon!

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