Monday, October 1, 2012

Another 2,174 km! - PART TWO

It's shaped like something.... A tennis racket? Eh? That's boring. 

From Førde we were now on our own to hitchhike.  We were a bit hungry and needed to get internet to see where we were headed next and if we had a place there.  We ended up walking around the mall, buying some more yarn for my newest skill, knitting.  The plan was to teach my new buddy how to knit but there was never time.  You'd think there would be, right?

Forde was quite a tough little spot.  Everyone that was driving there lived there, it was raining, cold and we were both feeling a bit off that day. We finally landed a ride out of Forde to a gas station in the right direction.  We spent the rest of the night there and still didn't find a ride.  So, we went inside and enjoyed their heat and internet for a few hours.  It was then that we realized there was a campground right behind where we were.  Otherwise, we were to camp in the tall wet, cold grass in a small tent. After talking to the owner guy on the phone a couple times we found a small cabin with a small discount.  Check it out:

Aint she cute? 
 What the clouds kind of looked like. 
Yum "Cowboy Soup" for breakfast! Have it for dinner if you want to heat your sleeping bag! 

From here we hitch hiked:

Through Volda to Ålesund:

Crappy view!

So I just rode the canon instead. 

I think she was looking for me. 

But I had moved... 
We had actually ended up grabbing a quick bus from Volda to Ålesund. We didn't have a place to stay or any real plan.  We just walked a few blocks to find a comfortable place to adjust our packs so we could walk some more blocks and come up with a plan.  It was then that a stranger asked if we had a place to sleep.  It was around 11 pm and there was no chance of leaving Ålesund.  So my travel buddy, Wally and I all looked at each other in disbelief... then we said, "sure".. or something.  It turned out to be a wicked awesome Czech guy who had traveled so much he seemed a tad bored with life.  We crashed there two nights then had to come up with another plan. (See part 3)

It's 5:38 am now and they're starting to put out breakfast where I am... but I'm kind of in the way and I haven't slept yet.  Time to find a sweet park bench or something!  Tootle-loo!  :)

Stay tuned again....  More to come soon!

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