Monday, October 1, 2012

Another 2,174 km! - PART ONE

This is a replica of a real viking ship.  They used authentic viking tools and hand carved it for many years.  :)  It lives in Tønsberg. Totally tubular, right?!

It's been quite a while since I caught up on everything going on.  I've managed to stay quite busy!

I'm not even sure where to start.  My spirits were kind of down for almost a week but  I'm feeling good about things right now.  It's 2 am and I'm at another random hostel I'm not paying for.  They are a wonderful resource for internet, warmth and strange people to look at.

So... Last time I wrote I was in Tønsberg, Norway hanging out, right?  Yes. That's what was going on. I was off to the marina because my friend/host in Tønsberg was about to buy a sweet wooden sail boat so we went to check it out and make sure it was still there.... or something.

You can kind of see the boat ... and the ocean. :)

It was a week or so after that I saw a random post on CouchSurfing for someone headed up the coast of  Norway just like I was hoping to do.  So I wrote the person and off I went with my host from Tonsberg.  We ended up hitchhiking from Tonsberg to Kongsberg and met up with the cool driver dude and off to Haukeli we went! Awesome!  Here's a bit of photos:

This does NOT do the water intensity justice!
Pretty cool! This style of painting is specifically from the Telemark County where we were.
I loved their decor! So charming... I mean, I'd be happy to be Santa's helper! ;) 
These are the beautiful people we stayed with, my Tønsberg host and our awesome ride! 
 After Haukeli we headed for Bergen.  Lucky us!

the boring ride there... 

Real life Tonka trucks!  Sa-weeeet!! :D
Gothenburg's umbrella didn't stand a chance against Bergen's wind and rain... haha!!

Bergen is basically like Disneyland.  It has phenomenal fountains and parks and, and, and....  I enjoyed it a lot.  

Old school Bergen!
From Bergen we headed to Førde: 

...another boring one.....

Blah blah...  I don't know what to write.  Its beauty was every where!

We had to stop for road construction. I could think of a worse place to stop. You? 
We made it to freezing Førde! The shoes were only a couple sizes to big. 

So, I've decided to break this post up because there is SO much to cover.   Stay tuned to see what happens after this commercial break!

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